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Wood floor refinishing process | A&A Residential Services
Wood floor refinishing process
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  1. The room should be completely empty upon arrival.
  2. We cover any doorways with a drop cloth or plastic to seal the room from dust traveling elsewhere.
  3. We use different sanding machines to sand away the old polyurethane coat, colors, wear and tear, and/or scratches. Sanding it to raw wood.
  4. Patch and fill the holes and cracks on the floor with wood filler.
  5. Sand again with rough, medium, and then fine paper.
  6. Buff the floors to make it even smoother
  7. Vacuum to pick up most of the dust in the room
  8. We apply one coat of sealer to seal the wood to make the it look clear.
  9. After it is dry we buff the floor again to smooth it and then apply one coat of water-base polyurethane which takes half an hour to dry.
  10. Once dry, we apply a final coat of Oil-base polyurethane which will dry overnight.

If you desire we stain the floor to the color of your choice for an additional $150 per room, that you have to let us know before we start the job and we would have to come back the next day to continue the job and finish it.

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  1. walix says:

    I would definitely recmomend priming it. you should use a latex primer sealer designed to stick to glossy surfaces. then paint with a latex interior paint in the finish of your choice. i would suggest a semi-gloss to give you a better/more durable finish. i would not suggest using an oil, as they are getting to be very expensive, and a lot a regions will be forced by the EPA to stop selling in the next couple years. also, try to get a premixed black. don’t let the paint store tint it black. if the store you go to doesn’t have black already on the shelf, go to another store. if they mix it, the paint wont do as well. i would apply a couple coats of paint and not coat with a lacquer/varnish. these types of product WILL YELLOW over time. they get more yellow, and cloudy as time goes by. if you MUST clear coat, use a latex polyurethane. it will stay completely clear.I would suggest:Primer:Benjamin Moore Fresh start All purpose primer 023-00finish: Benjamin Moore Ironclad Latex Metal & Wood Enamel 363-80Clear(if you must):Benjamin Moore Stays Clear LAtex Polyurethane

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